Hello!  My name is Fred Ferguson a.k.a. GeezerWise 
the Island Lifestyle Marketer, "the Old AI Guy"
and also I'm @FredFerguson-GeezerWise on YouTube.

Note: I made this YouTube thumbnail after watching Chris's training on creating YT thumbnails that crush it.

I'm Proud to Introduce Chris Derenberger and...*YT%20Influencer%202*jpg?alt=media&token=142f7fe9-25cf-4505-8b27-7373914aaf52
You are going to get slammed by every affiliate who can fog a mirror to buy this course through them ☔️
However, when you see what I got for you, you're gonna see I'm the best guy to do that with 🤗
Anybody who knows me can tell you I'm fussy about who I'll promote. It's a short list and they don't launch much. 

If I didn't know how good Chris is in everything he does you wouldn't hear about him or his course from me today.

In fact, I'm at the point where I only promote creators I personally trust 100% now!

Chris is a 5-Star Creator and I'm a customer of his who has purchased all but a few of his products thus far.*2023-02-22_21-17-51*jpg?alt=media&token=8e88435d-87ad-4094-80e9-8a183f756c2e
Almost NOBODY gets this many Gold Stars laid on them in Warrior+Pus, especially these days.
Chris's course in his own words...*2023-02-22_21-19-45*jpg?alt=media&token=b6a07527-b2fe-41ff-bd0e-ff280946ae16
The member's area...*YT%20Influencer*jpg?alt=media&token=07e11741-5037-488d-b279-23b747a936a9
Chris's YT Influencer Show & Tell...
Here's what he's offering...*2023-02-22_21-17-05*jpg?alt=media&token=c45515ac-7c2c-4bfb-b175-b94532df6611
Here are the prices...

Bump Offer: $27 | $400K In 90 Days Case Study: 

In this video, I show one of my niche YouTube channels and explain how I was able to earn over $400K in a period of 90 days from promo videos and affiliate earnings.

OTO 1: $67 | Launch Jacking: 

In this video series, I show how to build an affiliate business with launch jacking.  I explain how launch jacking works, how to create videos, using affiliate links, optimizing for rankings, offering bonuses, building an email list and I show a recent case study where I did close to $8,000 in commissions from promoting one product.

OTO 2: $147 | Expert Ranker: 

In this series of videos, I dive more into ranking strategies using my agency's ranking service as well as using other YouTube views and subscribers’ services to build a YT channel and rank much faster. Includes case studies show me using these services to rank videos.

OTO 3: $7/month | VIP FB Group: 

This option is to join Chris's paid FB group where he helps answer any questions that the members may have, and showcase more of his results and strategies.  This FB group is ONLY available for the customers who purchased the YT Influencer course.

I'm ALL-IN on this...

I'm purchasing the whole funnel!

I'm not interested in doing Launch Jacking myself, but I'm taking the course to learn how to make perfect lead magnets to sell to the folks who do Launch Jacking.

In my opinion, nobody has had more success at launch jacking than Chris has so he knows what works. He also knows how to teach others how to get his results.*My%20YT%20Influencer%20Bonuses*jpg?alt=media&token=60c6e669-d406-4461-a78f-a503b9e72817
👉 Here's My (Front-End) BONUSES...

Awesome FE BONUS #1...*Bonus%201%20-%20High-Speed-Money*png?alt=media&token=76837ef5-840b-4d7e-afe5-1d21937e6ece

Awesome FE BONUS #2...*Bonus%202%20-%20Easy-Hands-Free-Income*png?alt=media&token=3bb41e05-bd34-4952-ad96-d03f7d655c99

Awesome FE BONUS #3...*Bonus%203%20-%20Checkout-Lane-Cha-Ching*png?alt=media&token=e63e9ad5-5b97-4312-a654-fa6891256bc4

Awesome FE BONUS #4...*Bonus%204%20-%20How-To-Keep-Generating-Revenue*png?alt=media&token=9c6c5cfe-3c0c-4dc9-b430-3bce33ec2a47

Awesome FE BONUS #5...*Bonus%205%20-%20Essential%20Apps-for-Entrepreneurs*png?alt=media&token=f7c61bfb-93e8-4c7e-89dd-ce9ad9b9c72a

Awesome FE BONUS #6...*Bonus%206%20-%20Purposeful-Productivity*png?alt=media&token=c6bdb2ef-f24a-4482-bbea-14d89061095a
Purchase Launch Jacking for $67 and you will get a Messenger Connection with me to help you focus & follow through on what you want to do with this.
Marketing Success or Failure is a result of your ability to Take Action or not. With me as your Focus Forward Accountability Buddy, your chances for success will Skyrocket.*Focus%20Forward%20HQ%20Accountability%20Buddy%20Plan*jpg?alt=media&token=b472cff0-7c9c-4b55-96e2-d644d4f3db8a
Note: The Focus Forward HQ Accountability Buddy program can be purchased on its own for $97 if you want it but don’t want the Launch Jacking course. 😎✌️
Purchase Ranking Expert for $147 and get a Messenger Connection with me to help you focus & follow through on what you want to do with this PLUS you're going to get one...*Focus%20Forward%20HQ%20(web)*png?alt=media&token=e3cab2d9-8054-47bd-9535-b694a4f49117
BLAZING-FAST, A GRADE, CLOUD-HOSTED WEBSITE*Bonus%20Website%20(web)*png?alt=media&token=cd6dd7b5-c583-4c3a-8023-6dbcfcfe267b*Bonus%20Website%20(Speed)%20(web)*png?alt=media&token=373b4759-1e5f-4b2c-a795-50b7d66d5763
I'll be creating a smoking fast page load hosted one-page landing page for you that can either be a custom link tree page for you or an offer redirect page If you prefer.

LinkTree Pro landing pages are $10 per month so you do the math. It's nothing short of stupid for me to be giving this little gold mine away for free as an affiliate bonus.
Note: You can purchase the Accountability Buddy Bonus and the One-Page Website offer directly on its own 

for $197 if you want those but don’t want the Ranking Expert Course… just CLICK HERE
Claiming Your Bonuses: All YT Influencer Bonuses are loaded marked Affiliate Bonus (Blue Button) at your Warrior+Plus product access area.

The front-end Bonuses are instant downloads, but the upsell Bonuses require a direct connection between you and me so I can fulfill them directly to you.

If You Don't Know Me...

I have a decent reputation for being straight-up about what I think and I don't lie to people to get money!*FredFerguson*com%20Testimonial*jpg?alt=media&token=3cdfc201-853f-49f8-94c5-74f808192860
Here are people you may know who'll vouch for me!*4%20-%20Alvin%20Tims*jpg?alt=media&token=c783b834-5ea8-4f7f-be6d-2f625cba8d2b*1st%20Andie%20testimonial*png?alt=media&token=fd014382-7153-4bbe-8f3d-15878ff21787*6%20-%20Teresa%20Tee*jpg?alt=media&token=59e5445f-9edf-4269-90bb-71562810ee78*Mat%20Gallaugher*jpg?alt=media&token=7d43c482-534b-4b6f-babe-e171da75c101*Charlesa%20Bannister*jpg?alt=media&token=17ef2856-3fd5-41ed-9111-8098151796a3*Huw%20Testimonial*jpg?alt=media&token=a21fd429-2075-4a38-a11f-0c1849e87f00*10%20-%20Michael%20Barlow*jpg?alt=media&token=66c4e68e-cce5-451d-8a02-3f06ba0b315a*1%20Hans%20Brakke*jpg?alt=media&token=0600dc11-7d5e-42df-9774-1a7ef94674bb*3%20-%20Chad*jpg?alt=media&token=bfe5e15e-fb4d-49bb-83dc-3947f0ba591b
There are a lot more comments just like these ones about me but I think you get the drift... 

I'm 70 years old, I only want to only do good things for people and I  won't waste a minute of time making enemies, so you can trust I won't be a problem for you.  
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